Becoming the travel agent I am today

Back in the early 90’s I trained as a travel agent and worked for Pickfords Travel. It was a job I kind of accidentally fell into but soon realised it was actually quite fun. At the age of 20 I got to travel to Hong Kong, which was still under British rule at the time and experienced things you didn’t see in my small Welsh town!

One of my other favourite places I visited back in the early days was Florida with friends. We had such fun and still re-tell the stories today.

After working for a large company for some years I went on to work for a small family-run independent agency. Then family commitments and a house move meant I changed career and worked in education for some time, 20 years in fact. From small nursery settings to a large special needs school in Shropshire, the job was challenging and interesting but not really my passion.

After developing a voice issue which resulted in not being able to project my voice in a classroom, I worked in the school office for a few more years. My children will say I can still talk loud enough to tell them off when needed!

In October 2017 I decided to take the plunge and left education and set about searching for jobs in travel once again. Not one for a 9-5 job I came across Independent Travel Experts. They are the home working branch of The Travel Network Group, the largest independent travel network in the UK.

Working as a homeworker has given me the opportunity to work flexible hours which not only suits me but also the customer. It allows me to be flexible with my working hours which is great for people looking for help and advice with their holiday needs as well as being available to spend quality time with my family.

There is a misconception that using a travel agent is going to cost more. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Working with over 170 business partners it gives me the flexibility to source the best price. I do not charge a fee as get paid by the suppliers themselves. I take all the hard work out of the searching as it has become a minefield of choice online. In such unpredictable times you can be confident you are booking a holiday which is financially covered.

So, that’s me and how I became a travel agent. It’s a great job and I do like finding the perfect holiday for people. I love spending that little bit of extra time making sure they have exactly what they need.

Personally this year I am looking forward to another visit to Disneyland Resort in Florida and later in the year I have a trip to Jerusalem planned. Never a dull moment in travel!

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Rachel and poppy in a canoe

I'm Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel, an independent travel agent who is dedicated to delivering personal and expert travel advice to my customers. I live in Shrewsbury with my husband and two daughters, and travel whenever I can.

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